Precision Light Weight 7075 t6 Receivers

  • Machined to tolerances that are 10 times that of mil spec.
  • Our receivers sets are some of the tightest fitting you will find.
  • Our locating tabs and pivot and take down holes are held with in .0005 location and feature size. Proving for a gun that will never be loose.
  • The billet used in our receivers goes through non destructive testing to insure there are no voids or inclusions.
  • We order our 7075 t6 plate Grain to Length for added reliability and strength.


  • Both our AR15 and DPMS style 308 lowers include Integral oversized trigger guards.
  • Trigger Finger Safety position pad.
  • Swept and heavily chamfered mag well profile optimizing fast mag changes.
  • Proprietary machining sequence to guarantee perfect alignment for upper, lower and to barrel centerline for smooth cycling and maximum accuracy potential.

Slick Side Upper

  • The ideal upper for a super light, slim, gun that you would carry on a sling.
  • The empty brass ejects back at about 30 degrees but lower than an upper with a deflection bump making it very suitable for left hand shooters.
  • The lack of forward assist and deflection ramp makes this a thinner, very fast in manuerving upper.
  • Our most popular and economic AR15 upper.

Non Reciprocating Weak Hand Side Charger

  • Very popular for a Scoped AR or AR Pistol builds.
  • Our design is very simple and very light.
  • Ideal for those who hunt with their AR style rifle.
  • Requires a simple carrier modification and a shortened Bolt Catch Release. We can supply the instruction for the modification or supply a modified carrier.
  • (Bolt Catch Release is supplied)


  • Our combined 308 Receiver sets weigh just 23 oz.
  • Our 308 uppers are slick side. Lack of the deflection bump eliminates dents in the empty brass making reloading much easier.
  • Cason Engineering offers caliber designation engraving on our uppers.