Welcome to Cason Engineering

Cason Engineering is a precision Aerospace machine shop that has been in business for 30 years. We also manufacture high precision AR15 and CETR 308 platform weapons. Our goal is to manufacturer the highest quality Sporting Tactical Weapons and component parts available.  Our Aerospace background brings a new approach to materials and coatings that outperform traditional material and finishing processes historically used for these weapons.  We have an engineering staff that produces 3-D models, using Pro Engineer and Solid Works, of all of our product, as well as 3-D fully assembled guns.

Our 3-D modeling capability allows us to verify fit, function and tolerance before we start the machining process.  We create tool path directly off of the 3 D models using Master Cam CAM system. All of our machines are state of the art precision machining centers capable of maintaining extremely tight tolerances. We perform in-process and post-process sample inspection on our coordinate measure machine to verify dimensional integrity on all our machined parts. All of our products are thoroughly dimensionally inspected, and field and range tested insuring that the customer receives what they have paid for.